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I do many things

 Graffiti from Paris. - Keri Muller


(This website is a sample of some of them)


Get in touch if you…

... would like to commission an art piece, purchase an existing piece or consider an underwater photo

... are working on a project and you think it might be something up my street. I’m always curious to find out more about what people are up to.

… need a mentor/coach/helping hand (and maybe a kindly kick in the pants) to help you get your own creative ideas channeled into a successful business. I have done this before and continue to do it. I understand the fears and procrastination only too well. Running a business doesn’t have to be hard and I can help you put the nitty gritty in place. Yes, admin is boring but we can all do it as it’s actually quite simple.

… have a love for the underwater world and would like to chat about that more or get involved with my personal project around the Cape Town tidal pools. Please visit

 ... are interested in developing a new travel related business and need help with exactly it is you are going to be selling, including supplier relations, contracting and experiences you would like to sell. Along side this I can also help you to develop a brand identity as well as mentor and train your people on how to sell what you are offering. You know what you want and I can help you implement that. Or maybe you don’t and we can talk about that too.

… are looking for a mystery shopper to visit your property and give you meticulous feedback? The one requirement is that you as the client need to be open to listening too this feedback.

Watch the video below to find out more about my love for recycling old books and paper