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I’ve learnt the value of hobbies. For me it’s photography and more specifically underwater photography, and I've recently started experimenting with landscapes. 

There is another whole astounding planet under the ocean’s surface and it brings me infinite joy and peace to explore. I’ve made a whole new circle of friends and found a hobby that fills my every cell with happiness and presence. Alongside this I have developed my underwater photography skills. You can’t think of anything else when you’re down there.

The reason I’ve included this here is because I really do believe it’s important to be multi-faceted. To not define yourself by just one thing but rather an ever developing sum of parts. I’ve found this to adds so much more to my work, relationships and general life.

I offer personal photography shoots of people underwater - this is in a very specific style so please contact me to find out more.

To see more of photos please visit my instagram account, kerimuller